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10-10-2019, Pasadena, CA

On October 1, 2019, Tuesday, Deepan Kishore Kumar (a Fifth year Graduate Student working in Nai-Chang Yeh Lab at Caltech Physics Department)  made the first ever experimental observation of the theoretically predicted "Quantum Cerenkov" radiation from Graphene in 2016 by Ido Kaminer, Yaniv Katan, Hrvoje Buljan, Yichen Shen, Ognjen Illic,  Josue Lopez, Liang Wong,  John Joannopoulos, Marin Soljacic in their Nature Communication publication in 13 June 2016.

This discovery marks a major milestone in the field of Condensed Matter physics, Particle Physics with practical applications that affect daily life in the fields of Biomedical imaging (as a replacement for radioactive imaging modality due to low toxicity of Graphene), optical communication for coherent light sources based on Graphene and high speed optical computers., just to name a few.

The debate about Cerenkov radiation and the theory developed by I.E.Tamm and I.M. Frank does not take into account Laws of Conservation of Energy by creating the exception of 'superluminal velocity'.

As noted by Enrcio Fermi, in his theory of ionization loss that had significant implications in the theory of cosmic rays.; by taking into account the effect of the medium on the moving electron field.

You can read about Enrico Fermi work here: "The Ionization Loss of Energy in gases and in condensed media", Phys Rev 57 , 485-493 (1940)

The full discovery made by Deepan Kishore Kumar and Nai-Chang Yeh will be soon available on Arxiv. 

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