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Mental health is finally having a moment in the national conversation, but insurance companies, like Blue Cross and UnitedHealth, are finding ways to deny mental health treatment to thousands of patients. Hasan talks about his own experience with mental health therapy and shines a spotlight on the fight to bridge the disparity in treatment between mental and physical health. ​

“Advocacy is an important means of raising awareness on mental health issues and ensuring that mental health is on the national agenda of governments. Advocacy can lead to improvements in policy, legislation and service development.”- WHO Mental Health Advocacy PDF  is Here


Talk With Community Leaders  

Reach Out To Your Community 

Connect With Local Businesses 

Work With Local NAMI Affiliates

#Say It Out Loud: Speaking With Teens About Mental Health

Raising awareness by sharing information and starting conversations about mental health is key in reducing stigma and increasing the likelihood that teens will seek mental health care when they need it. NAMI created Say it Out Loud to get teens talking about mental health.

Say it Out Loud gives adults the tools they need to hold conversations about mental health with teens. The toolkit includes:

To bring Say it Out Loud! to your community, download the toolkit above.

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